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In the July primary for the Board of Education, there were eight at-large candidates competing for four positions in the general election in November. Don Fitzgerald and Michael Murray were the two incumbents seeking re-election.

I finished third in the primary and will be advancing to the general election along with Bonnie Ennis, the top vote-getter. I think Bonnie and I both want a quality education for all students and would work well together on the Board. The other two candidates, Kristen Hazel and Darren Lombardo, have a different agenda, focused on cultural issues and creating conflict between parents and teachers. I don’t think these individuals have the best interest of our students at heart, and I hope they lose in November.

I want to thank Don Fitzgerald and Michael Murray for their service on the BOE during a very difficult period. I think they should be proud of their accomplishments, especially expansion of the pre- kindergarten and CTE programs. If I am elected, I hope I can call on them for help when I have questions- which I’m sure I will.